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Executive Suites is a comprehensive database containing information on more than 20,000 Business Centers nationwide. Our listings represent both the largest and smallest suppliers of Office Suites all across America. A conscious continuous effort is made on a daily basis to list all of the office suites currently available in the top 300 markets. Executive Suites (ES) does not accept any form of compensation from suppliers to advertise there office suites. As a result we can provide you with an unbiased accurate description of each and every executive office space listed on our site.

The term Executive Suites is synonymous with Office Suites, Business Centers, Executive Offices, Executive Suite and Managed Service Centers.

Office Suites are turnkey work environments that offer an alternative to the traditional office. Office Suites are a total solution in the sense that they are fully fitted, furnished and ready for immediate occupancy. The Business Centers operator bears the responsibility for the day by day running of the office. In addition to the basic maintenance the operator usually provides a range of valuable business services including reception and telephone answering services, secretarial support, conference and meeting facilities, video conferencing and high speed Internet access.

Flexible lease terms, Quick and Affordable access to fully furnished offices, well-appointed conference rooms, attractive reception areas and a professional support staff is just some of the major benefits. The day to day burden that is typically associated with running a traditional office are moved to a third party, whose only job is to maintain a professional work environment.

The Office Suites costs savings represent another key factor that makes Business Centers an ideal choice. You will find that you will require less square footage verse a traditional office once you consider that in an Office Suites configuration the reception areas, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities can be excluded since they are provided by the Business Centers operators. Think about it this way, you pay for what you use


Office Suites provides innovative solutions for both small and large businesses, frequent travelers, branch offices, start up companies, companies experiencing rapid or declining staff growth or entrepreneurs. In addition new businesses that cannot necessarily calculate the amount of staff they may need over a three year period. (Three years usually being shortest term for conventional office lease) will benefit greatly. Anyone who needs a flexible lease - Business Centers provide the answer

You'll find most Business Centers provide the following features

Private office(s) with utilities and janitorial
Reception area with receptionist
Conference room(s) with visual aids
Personalized telephone screening
Phone patching, paging and voice mail
Incoming and outgoing mail handling
Coffee and food service on-site.
Part time or full time "image" plans

For a nominal charge, these additional services may also offer:

Secretarial / word processing services
Computer related services and equipment
Administrative and accounting services
Postal meter and scales, UPS / FedEx
Photocopy equipment
Fax / Telex sending and receiving
High speed Internet connections
Reciprocal agreements with other locations
Law Libraries, health clubs, furnishings





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